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Why Join a Construction Trade Association?

With demanding schedules and tight budgets, some contractors see industry associations as a waste of their time and money. However, a construction trade association offers numerous benefits. They not only keep you on top of important industry trends and developments, but also facilitate networking with like-minded professionals. Below is a detailed enumeration of benefits to […]

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Your Guide to Buying General Liability Insurance Online

From cars to groceries, almost anything can be ordered online — and, in the age of COVID, the world of ecommerce has only grown. While some prefer the experience of visiting a brick-and-mortar business, it’s hard to deny the convenience of online shopping. Despite its image of antiquity, obtaining liability insurance is not excluded from […]

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2021 Construction Market Forecast

The construction industry has weathered the economic and health crises better than others, but the light at the tunnel could be a ways away according to the latest construction forecast. From February through April of 2020, the construction industry lost over a million jobs. Since then, about 70% of jobs in construction have been recovered. […]

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General Liability Insurance 101

Alternatively referred to as business liability insurance, general liability insurance is one of the most important coverages a professional can purchase. It can offer protection in the event of third-party property damage or bodily injury caused by you or your employees. Considering the cost of a lawsuit — both financial and reputational — general liability […]

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General Liability Insurance for Contractors

While a good contractor can make a living doing a job they love, the nature of the work creates unique liability concerns that can be catastrophic without insurance. General liability insurance for contractors helps to protect you and your contracting business from common risks such as customer injury and customer property damage. In the event […]

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Insurance Terms Explained

Insurance Terminology Operating a contracting business is full of challenges and securing the proper insurance is likely the least of your concerns. However, the clunky insurance vocabulary of policies and confusing insurance jargon makes it difficult to understand coverages, let alone choose the one best for you. Finding the right insurance should be easy and […]

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Should Contractors Purchase Insurance on a Per Project or Annual Basis?

Purchasing construction insurance policies can be a headache. Policy language reads like gibberish, premiums seem to come out of thin air, and, with jobs piling up and clients to appease, the last thing you want to do is dissect confusing policy paperwork. But operating without a strong insurance package — including general liability, workers’ comp, […]

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Top 5 Construction Trends for 2021

After a turbulent year, we are cautiously optimistic that the construction market trends of 2021 show a time of growth and reemergence for the construction industry and beyond. While challenges undoubtedly will remain, the coronavirus vaccine and recently passed relief package are two of many reasons to be hopeful that we are inching closer to […]

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What Kinds of Insurance Do Contractors Need?

Construction sites are full of risks. From heavy equipment to dangerous machinery operated by employees, there are countless opportunities for people to suffer injuries and for properties to sustain damage. In the event of something going awry, it could be you who will be held liable. Without the proper construction insurance, this can potentially mean […]

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What to Do If You Have an Insurance Claim

It’s never fun when an accident happens, especially when a bunch of dollar signs are attached to it. You buy insurance to protect yourself from the inherent risks of construction but purchasing insurance and actually using it are two very separate things. While the aftermath of an accident will be inherently unpleasant, the process of […]

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